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Porter, the lost puppy was found!

The lost black lab puppy, Porter, has been found.  I spoke to his grandma, Mary Anne, and she said that someone found him and took him over to Washington Park Veterinary Clinic, ironically the same place someone brought our dog Suki when she got out of our yard.

Mary Anne wanted to express her gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone in the West Wash Park neighborhood that she ran across while desperately searching for Porter.  She said that the caring, concern and interest in finding Porter was amazing and goes to show, once again, what a fabulous neighborhood West Wash Park really is.  I feel that a neighborhood is partially defined by peoples actions and caring for one another in times of need, and WWP lived up to the bill in this isolated case.

Thanks friends and neighbors of West Wash Park for pulling together and showing your care for a neighbor in need.

Kirk A. Hartshorn  720-244-5454  RIDE ON!

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WWP Pet Lovers Resources

Here’s a post for all you pet owners out there who live in or around or are considering the West Wash Park neighborhood your new home base.   To make things a bit easier for you to find the right service or store for your pets needs, I’ve gathered together a number of links or contact info (see below)  to many of the services available in the WWP neighborhood or very close vicinity.   From pet food to grooming to pet sitting services to veterinary care, etc.  you need it, the WWP or immediate vicinity has got it for your pet!  Here are the links and contact info for the pet services I found in close proximity to WWP:








Please email me or post a comment if there is a shop or service for pets in or close to the West Wash Park neighborhood that you feel I should add to this list.

Kirk Hartshorn  720-244-5454  RIDE ON!