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My top 5.5 reasons to own your own home

I think most people would look at home ownership as perhaps a “right of passage”, “a major accomplishment”,  an “obvious step in adulthood”, “something you just do”,  etc, etc.   The specific reasons we buy a home may differ but the underlying reasons probably carry the same tone.  I’ve put together a quick list of the major reasons I feel home ownership is a benefit to everybody that takes that next step.

          1.    Tax breaks.  We all need a break and why not take advantage of writing off a chunk of your payment against what we have to pay the government in taxes?  Rent disappears completely and offsets nothing!

          2.    Freedom Paint the walls the color you want, put in the appliances you like, change the carpeting in that bedroom to your liking, landscape to your hearts content.  It’s yours so you make the decisions.

          3.    Predictability.  If you have a fixed rate on your loan, your payments are pretty predictable.  Unlike renting where the landlord can raise the rent or ask you to vacate with a notice.

          4.    Pride of ownership.  There’s nothing that compares to the first time you put “your” key into the door and swing it open into “your” new home (see picture below).  You’ll want to dance! (We did…really dance)

          5.    More involvemment.  When you own a property in a neighborhood you tend to care more about the neighborhood and what goes on in it.  You get more involved in the community and with your neighbors.

          5.5  Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” said it best…  THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME

Here’s a few pictures of our first moments in our “new” home.  No matter how many homes you’ll own, you’ll always feel that same joy.


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