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Downing St. Bar & Grille NOW OPEN!!

I’m a few days late in this post and announcement of Downing St. Bar & Grilles opening.  I’ve been in 3 times so far, for breakfast, lunch and dinner and am delighted with our new neighborhood restaurant hangout.  Paul, the owner, is there all the time (much to his wife’s chagrin I’m sure) to meet, greet, welcome, chat with and bid good evening to his  guests.   The wait staff is very pleasant and friendly and seem an asset to Paul’s high level of customer service and satisfaction .

The menu is, at this time, a holdover from the Handlebar and Grill for lunch and dinner.  The lunch and dinner menu will be revamped soon keeping about 70% of the HB&G’s menu items and adding some new ones.  The breakfast menu has all the favorites from breakfast burritos and omelette to corned beef hash and eggs.  The meal portions are generous indeed and quite a value for the money I’d say.

My wife and I went in this past Friday night for dinner and had an excellent meal.  She had the spinach salad and I had the fish tacos.  We ended up hanging out in the bar area until 12:00 am chatting with Paul and a couple of his neighbors who were also there for dinner.  There was a nice mix of patrons in the bar and restaurant and I was happy to see a number of families  with young children in for dinner. 

One thing I love about the Downing St. Bar & Grille is that they serve breakfast all day long.  There’s nothing like an omelette for dinner I always say.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable gathering place for a delicious, well priced meal, with a great variety of choices that stays open until 2:00 am on the weekends, go over and say hello to Paul at the Downing St. Bar & Grille.

Kirk A Hartshorn 720-244-5454   RIDE ON!

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An Amazing Getaway… Avalanche Ranch

Every year on our wedding anniversary Sandra and I get out-of-town and stay somewhere different.  Last year The Broadmoor, a couple years before The Stanley Hotel, you get the idea.  This year I wanted to do something out of the realm of a fancy hotel with fancy restaurants and crazy spending.  After asking some folks at my office for suggestions for a cool cabin type getaway, an agent suggested  The Avalanche Ranch in Redstone, Colorado.  She said that her and her husband stayed there 11 years ago and still talk about it.  So I checked it out online, perused the site and accommodations and made the reservation.  In our 8 years of getting away to some pretty spectacular places, I too will be talking about the Avalanche Ranch for years to come and consider it out best anniversary getaway yet.  Not to take anything away from our past hotel anniversary stays, but the Avalanche Ranch experience was so much more memorable because it facilitated us connecting with each other and our surroundings more while getting to disconnect from the pressures of the daily grind.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon at 3:00pm, right on time for check-in.  As we walked in to our cabin we were greeted with some homemade cookies and a hand written note of welcome.  Unloaded the truck and took a quick walk around the grounds.  After the walk we were ready for a meal, and since the cabin has a fully outfitted kitchen and we brought a bunch of food, we prepared a light meal with a glass of wine, sat out on our front porch and enjoyed the magnificent views as we forgot about the rest of the world and marvelled at our surroundings.                                                                                                                

Situated off Hwy 133, 12 miles south of Carbondale and 6 miles north of Redstone, this picturesque and tranquil location is a must experience in any season.  With 13 cabins to choose from, Avalanche Ranch offers lodging for the romantic getaway to the the family reunion or just a guys weekend to go fishing or cycling.                                                                   

The cabins are furnished beautifully and all have a different theme.  We stayed in cabin #6, the Cider House,  which as the name implies has an apple theme.  With the gas stove as the heat source in the Cider House we felt very comfortable in the coldest evening.  Some of the other cabins have a wood burning stove. 

With no TV and no cell phone reception you are truly detached from society (though the Lodge on site is open 24 hours a day with a phone, TV/VCR/DVD with free videos and a ping-pong table and books).  So when you get that urge for a getaway, take that beautiful drive and stay in a Colorado paradise at The Avalanche Ranch.  Also, read the guest book in your cabin,  there are some fantastic stories and experiences shared.     

For a suggestion on a great hike, which these pictures are from, proceed south on hwy 133 to Redstone,  stop for breakfast in town, then  keep heading south to the town of Marble.  You’ll want to check out this map.  We walked on road 3 to Crystal.  There is a split in this road, we stayed to the right which get’s you to Crystal a little more direct.  This will take you along the Crystal River and to the ghost town city of Crystal.  Give yourself plenty of time on this hike because you will be stopping a lot to take in the amazing scenery.  This is also a great mtn bike ride.  I did it 15 years ago. 

So go out and enjoy the true feeling of Colorado in one of the most magnificent areas of the state, you too will be talking about it for years to come.  Enjoy!