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Update: West Wash Park real estate statistics

Here is an update on the past 30 days sold activity on the West Wash Park real estate market along with the total currently active for sale properties and properties currently under contract.  The simple boundaries I used for this update are S. Downing St. west to S. Lincoln St. and E. Alameda Ave. south to E. Louisiana Ave/I-25.  The boundaries of West Wash Park vary from person to person, these boundaries are for simple, easy analysis of the neighborhood.

  • Total currently active for sale properties – 63
  • Solds properties within the past 30 days – 14
  • Under contract properties – 7
  • Median sale price as % of  last list price – 99.76%   (possibly not reflecting original list price)
  • Median days on market for solds – 31
  • Median days on market for all currently active listings – 81
  • Median price for solds – $411,000
  • Median price for currently active listings – $456,000
  • Average price per sq ft SOLD – $324  (note: represents total avg. p/s/f  not finished  avg. p/s/f)
  • Average price per sq ft ACTIVE – $325  (note: represents total avg. p/s/f  not finished avg. p/s/f)
  • Average price per sq ft UNDER CONTRACT – $312  (note: represents total avg. p/s/f  not finished avg. p/s/f)
  • Lowest sold price – $170,000
  • Highest sold price – $1,007,500
  • Lowest currently active list price – $165,000
  • Highest currently active list price – $875,000

I last posted the WWP statistics on January 7, 2010.  I have changed the format somewhat and now, among other changes,  include all actives and not just active in the past 30 days. 

But I’d like to make a few comparisons between that post, 6 months ago, and this most recent post, of all that can be directly correlated.

  • Sold within past 30 days – then 8, now – 14
  • Median sold price to most recent list price – then – 96.2%, now – 99.7%
  • Median price for solds – then – $380,000, now – $411,000
  • Median days on market for sold properties – then – 41 days, now – 31 days
  • Median price of active listings – then – $481,000, now – $456,000
  •  Lowest price sold – then – $125,000, now – $170,000
  • Highest price sold – then – $1,298,500, now – $1,007,500

With this data side-by-side from 6 months ago, it appears that West Wash Park is seeing a strengthening in its real estate market.  With more sold properties, at a higher percentage of ask to list price with a higher median sales price and fewer days on the market.  Also seeing as the median currently active price is lower now than 6 months ago and with all the above data taken into consideration,  it seems to correlate to properties being priced at a more competitive price up front.  Some good news for West Wash Park homeowners and hopefully helpful to anyone thinking of purchasing a property in West Wash Park. 

That’s the latest real estate market recap for West Wash Park.  This data used is taken directly from the Denver MLS System, Prime Access.

If you have any questions about the real estate market in West Wash Park (or Denver for that matter) or would be interested in seeing any property or finding out the value of your property, please feel free to call me anytime.

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Denver Zoning changes and West Wash Park

Some changes are coming to Denver and zoning is near the top of the list.  From adding 20 or so more designations to changing the coding of designations, i.e: R1 will be SU (single unit), R2 will be TU (two unit).  Supposedly, this is happening in part to simplify zoning in Denver, and as may be the case in West Wash Park, in part to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. 

The why’s and when of this whole change is stated below as copied from the Denver zoning website:


Denver’s 53-year-old zoning code is broken and needs to be fixed. It suffers from more than a half century of incremental changes that have made it complicated, inconsistent and cumbersome. The New Zoning Code will put adopted citywide plans (products of extensive public input) to work for a better city. Denver citizens called for reform of the Zoning Code in the 1989 Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan 2000. This message was repeated in Blueprint Denver (2002) which provided the vision and initial strategy for fixing the Zoning Code. Denver needs a new zoning code that will support a growing a sustainable environment, a diverse mix of housing, strong neighborhoods, and a high quality of  life, a sustainable environment, a diverse mix of housing, strong neighborhoods, and a high quality of life,


Fixing the Denver Zoning Code is a massive undertaking but the finish line is in sight. We are currently in Phase III – Drafting, where the City’s multi-departmental team and the Task Force are preparing the draft New Code and executing an extensive outreach process to ensure a wide range of opportunities for public input.

Phase IV – Public Review – began with five introductory meetings in May and continued throughout the summer, as we hosted more than 40 meetings in partnership with the Denver City Council throughout the city. The draft of The New Code is available for your review and comment. After the public review and comment period, the code will go to the Planning Board and City Council for discussion, public hearings, and adoption.

Have a Question?Email us at
Call us at 720-865-3000 during business hours
See Upcoming Meetings

It’s not too late to get involved if you would like to support the changes or state your objections to the proposed zoning changes.  Check out the “See Upcoming Meetings” to view upcoming zoning related meeting and go out to see what’s going on for yourself.

Here is the link for the proposed new zoning planNew_Code_Planning_Board_Draft_Washington Park West

Here is the link for the current zoning, Blueprint Denver Concept Land Use, Existing Land Use –  Wash Park West current zoning

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A Wash Park Winter Wonderland

Winter is in full swing in Denver and the beauty of winter in Wash Park is truly a site to behold.  Smith Lake and the boathouse is one of the spots that truly gives winter in Wash Park that wonderland feel. 

As the snow fell peacefully on the park this past weekend, there were many park goers enjoying its beauty.  From cross-country skiers to flag football players, the park was aplenty in winter revelers. 

Even a lone squirrel was enjoying the view out over Grasmere Lake.

So Denverites remember, although Wash Park is especially magical in the summertime, come on over on a snowy day and take in the Wash Park winter wonderland experience.  Bring the dog (on the leash please),  bundle up the baby and grab the pull sled, grab your running shoes, snow shoes, cross-country skis or just walk around with a nice hot cup of coffee from one of  Wash Park’s many neighborhood coffee shops and enjoy your park.

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Counting our many blessings

This time of the year tends to be that which we count our blessings, celebrate with our families, toast to our health and make our plans and “resolutions” for the year to come.  We get together with family, co-workers and friends to celebrate at Holiday parties and offer tidings of good cheer.  We shop for loved ones and delight at the thought of them opening this gift we’ve so carefully chosen for them.  The twinkling  lights around the city on the coldest winter nights let us know that our city is alive and well. 

I thought with this season of celebration and joy upon us I’d like to share 7.5 reasons to count our blessings on this Holiday (and everyday.) 

1.  We have dedicated and committed troops protecting our freedom far from home.

2.  We have  friends and family to celebrate our lives with.

3.  Our hearts are beating and we are breathing and alive to celebrate another holiday.

4.  We have the freedom to live, work and prosper wherever we choose.

5.  We have abundance and blessings which we often take for granted.

6. Our lives are easier and more abundant than so many people in the world.

7.  We have abilities and freedoms that allow us to create our own destiny.

7.5 We have the internet at our beckoned call.  (Thanks Mr. Gore)

I know that there are a plethora of reasons that we should be forever grateful for our lives and opportunities, but these 7.5 touch on what I feel are some of the most immediate reasons.

If you have some additional ideas of our abundance and blessings that I overlooked, please share them in the comments. 

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and blessed holiday. 

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Denver: A great city receiving deserved accolades

For those of us that live in Denver, we know why we’re here.  The outdoor lifestyle, the great weather, the majestic mountains, the parks, proximity to world class skiing, The Rockies, The Broncos, The Avalanche, The DPAC, Brewpubs, etc, etc, etc. 

Well, we’re not alone in our love of all that’s Denver.  Here’s a few links from different publications that have taken polls and surveys in different realms of multiple cities desirability.  Denver ranks very impressively amongst the major city players in the US.

Travel+ Leisure compiled rankings of 30 cities in numerous categries:

Harris survey (as reported by the Denver Business Journal) of “where do people want to live”…

“Which cities will see the biggest rebound”… as originally reported by the Wall Street Journal found in

The lure of Denver is evident and its growth imminent.  I have personally moved from Denver 3 times and have been lured back.  The reasons… obvious, it’s Denver.

Enjoy, all that is Denver!!  Ride On!

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Arch de DPL
Trinity Methodist ChurchDenver Downtown 2009Capitol Hill People's Fair 2009DenverThe PlayerDenver Firefighters MuseumZuni Park16th Street MallMoonrise over DIA 

Fall colors in the city

The fall colors in Denver seem to be very impressive this year as compared to last.  Last year Denver seemed to skip past  fall (autumn) and shuttle us directly into winter.  This year, though, colors abound throughout the city.  I walked around Wash Park the other day and took some pictures of some changing leaves, some others from around Cherry Creek and a few today along the Cherry Creek bike path on my way back from a bike ride to Lookout Mountain in Golden.  Even as I type up this post I peer out my window and am flooded with leaf colors of reds, greens, yellows and oranges.  A spectacular site in the city.

Ride On!

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