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Hey friends and neighbors of West Wash Park, please keep your eyes open for a black lab puppy that is lost.  His name is Porter and he is 11 month old.  He got out late this afternoon and is not wearing any collar as it were pulled off while trying to catch him. 

Please call Mary Anne at 303-242-4356 if you spot him or are able to catch him.  He lives at 53 Pennsylvania St.


Kirk A Hartshorn  720-244-5454    RIDE ON!

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Counting our many blessings

This time of the year tends to be that which we count our blessings, celebrate with our families, toast to our health and make our plans and “resolutions” for the year to come.  We get together with family, co-workers and friends to celebrate at Holiday parties and offer tidings of good cheer.  We shop for loved ones and delight at the thought of them opening this gift we’ve so carefully chosen for them.  The twinkling  lights around the city on the coldest winter nights let us know that our city is alive and well. 

I thought with this season of celebration and joy upon us I’d like to share 7.5 reasons to count our blessings on this Holiday (and everyday.) 

1.  We have dedicated and committed troops protecting our freedom far from home.

2.  We have  friends and family to celebrate our lives with.

3.  Our hearts are beating and we are breathing and alive to celebrate another holiday.

4.  We have the freedom to live, work and prosper wherever we choose.

5.  We have abundance and blessings which we often take for granted.

6. Our lives are easier and more abundant than so many people in the world.

7.  We have abilities and freedoms that allow us to create our own destiny.

7.5 We have the internet at our beckoned call.  (Thanks Mr. Gore)

I know that there are a plethora of reasons that we should be forever grateful for our lives and opportunities, but these 7.5 touch on what I feel are some of the most immediate reasons.

If you have some additional ideas of our abundance and blessings that I overlooked, please share them in the comments. 

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and blessed holiday. 

Kirk Hartshorn  720-244-5454  RIDE ON!