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West Wash Park’s Neighborhood Grocery Store

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood that has a quality grocery store within walking distance, you’re fortunate enough to live in West Wash Park.  Located on the NW corner of Bucktel Blvd. N and S Washington St, you can find Whole Foods Market.  Having come up through the ranks of Wild Oats and perhaps even Alfalfa’s way back when, WWP’s Whole Foods Market is an easy grocery store to access for WWP residents with a short walk or a quick ride on the bicycle.  This is truly a neighborhood market where running into neighbors is commonplace and getting to know the folks on the workforce is easy, as many of them have been there for years and they’re a  friendly and helpful bunch.

Of course there are Whole Foods Markets all over the city and suburbs of Denver, but none quite as quaint, easy to get in and out of and have that “make you feel at home in the neighborhood” appeal as the West Wash Park Whole Foods Market. 

So next time you find yourself in the WWP neighborhood, stop by Whole Foods Market for a quick chair massage, a fresh sit down lunch or an energy drink and fresh muffin to go.

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Downing St. Bar & Grille NOW OPEN!!

I’m a few days late in this post and announcement of Downing St. Bar & Grilles opening.  I’ve been in 3 times so far, for breakfast, lunch and dinner and am delighted with our new neighborhood restaurant hangout.  Paul, the owner, is there all the time (much to his wife’s chagrin I’m sure) to meet, greet, welcome, chat with and bid good evening to his  guests.   The wait staff is very pleasant and friendly and seem an asset to Paul’s high level of customer service and satisfaction .

The menu is, at this time, a holdover from the Handlebar and Grill for lunch and dinner.  The lunch and dinner menu will be revamped soon keeping about 70% of the HB&G’s menu items and adding some new ones.  The breakfast menu has all the favorites from breakfast burritos and omelette to corned beef hash and eggs.  The meal portions are generous indeed and quite a value for the money I’d say.

My wife and I went in this past Friday night for dinner and had an excellent meal.  She had the spinach salad and I had the fish tacos.  We ended up hanging out in the bar area until 12:00 am chatting with Paul and a couple of his neighbors who were also there for dinner.  There was a nice mix of patrons in the bar and restaurant and I was happy to see a number of families  with young children in for dinner. 

One thing I love about the Downing St. Bar & Grille is that they serve breakfast all day long.  There’s nothing like an omelette for dinner I always say.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable gathering place for a delicious, well priced meal, with a great variety of choices that stays open until 2:00 am on the weekends, go over and say hello to Paul at the Downing St. Bar & Grille.

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WWP Pet Lovers Resources

Here’s a post for all you pet owners out there who live in or around or are considering the West Wash Park neighborhood your new home base.   To make things a bit easier for you to find the right service or store for your pets needs, I’ve gathered together a number of links or contact info (see below)  to many of the services available in the WWP neighborhood or very close vicinity.   From pet food to grooming to pet sitting services to veterinary care, etc.  you need it, the WWP or immediate vicinity has got it for your pet!  Here are the links and contact info for the pet services I found in close proximity to WWP:








Please email me or post a comment if there is a shop or service for pets in or close to the West Wash Park neighborhood that you feel I should add to this list.

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WWP is abuzzzz with WASH PERK!


They say 3 times a charm, and this is indeed the case for 853 E. Ohio Ave., the location which is now home to WASH PERK.  I’ve seen 2 coffee shops come and go from this location, but will say in my humble, and coffee snobbish opinion, that WASH PERK is here to stay.  Neighbors/ partners/ owners Teri Meehan and Debbi Main found the elusive magical formula that creates a beloved and lasting  neighborhood coffee shop.  Just ask the multitude of regulars that congregate at the community table or kick back in the cushy chairs or just grab their coffee to go from WASH PERK daily.  

I’m fortunate enough to live 2 blocks from WASH PERK and since opening the doors on April 1, 2008 I’ve seen this welcomed neighborhood establishment come to life and flourish.  With Teri and Debbi being the forward thinkers they are, the early success of WASH PERK and with the cooperation of On A Lark next door, there are already plans for an expansion of WASH PERK in the near future.  This will make room for a larger coffee bar, more seating and a roomier space for folks meeting over a cup of coffee and scone to relax and enjoy.  Check out their calender of events  for some fun or educational event that may interest you or your kids.

With a prime location just 3 blocks west of Wash Park on Ohio Ave, corner of S. Emerson St., anybody taking a stroll over to the park from WWP or walking the dog through the neighborhood should stop by and grab a cup to go.  And of course it’s close enough for park goers to walk  to for a coffee break .  They have a great selection of baked goods (rotated daily), burritos, Quiche, bagels and gluten-free products to accompany their wide variety of hot, iced or specialty drinks. 


In this age of earth consciousness and awareness, WASH PERK makes every effort to minimize their footprint to our fragile planet.  The partnering with local suppliers, listed below, is only the beginning of how WASH PERK takes their responsibility to our planets sustainability very seriously. 

  • Kaladi Brothers Coffee organic/fair trade espresso drinks and whole beans              (I feel it’s the best coffee around)
  • Gemini Tea Emporium herbal tea
  • Sogni Dolci Bakery pastries and Quiche
  • Mame’s Caterings breakfast burritos
  • Royal Crest Dairy organic and hormone-free dairy products
  • WaterCourse Foods Bakery vegan and gluten-free products
  • Bluepoint Bakery
  • Coda Coffee Company
  • Mame’s Catering
  • Justin’s Nut Butter
  • I hope you will, like me, walk through the door of WASH PERK, breathe in the welcoming aroma of rich coffee and fresh-baked goods, feel the sincere ambiance created by the friendly staff and surroundings, hear the laughter and conversation of friends old and new, grab a seat, take a sip and say… I’m home.

    WASH PERK is located at 853 E. Ohio Ave and can be reached at 720-542-9209   You can check out more of their story, updates, events, etc at 

    If there’s anything you’d like to share about WASH PERK, please leave a comment.

    Wash Perk Hours:



    • Check back soon for a WWP blog special for WASH PERK! 

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    Our WWP neighborhood bike shop – Cycle Analyst

    What is a great community without a great, neighborhood bike shop?  Especially one that’s been in the neighborhood for 20 years!  In this day and age we don’t often find a small, neighborhood business with that bragging right, but Richard Hodge, who owns Cycle Analyst, can make that claim and still works everyday at the shop.


    Cycle Analyst is the quintessential neighborhood bike shop with knowledgeable, experienced mechanics available for advise, repairs, tune-ups or complete overhauls.  If you’re in the market for a new bike, look no further.  They carry road bikes, hybrids, cruisers, mountain bikes, single speed, commuters, tandem and yes, even unicycles, from over a dozen manufacturers.  Accessories, oh yeah, and parts- WOW!  If you walk in and can’t find something,  just ask and chances are very likely that they have it on hand or can get it to you quickly.  Ever been told that a part doesn’t exist anymore?  Odds are that Cycle Analyst has it in stock in their massive inventory or can find it for you.  They’re not pushy about getting you into a new bike, but care about making sure that what you currently ride is up to date and safe and will be honest about letting you know if your bike is worth putting the money into.  Often times it’s just not worth the expense.

    Cycle Analyst sells new bicycles and almost always has some cool vintage bikes for sale, (remember the Schwinn Varsity?) along with clothing, tires, tubes, wheelsets, shocks, pumps, locks, tools, nutrition, headsets, fixie conversion parts, panniers,racks, baskets, helmets, etc, etc, etc and an impressive  inventory of used parts.

    One more thing of interest about Cycle Analyst is their passion for a good saddle.  They have been awarded, by Brooks England, the coveted 5 Rivet Award this year for being an “Outstanding Brooks Dealer”.  They carry over 2 dozen different Brooks leather saddles and various Brooks leather toolbags.  If you are not familiar with Brooks Saddles, it is worth going in and taking a peek, because they are a true handmade work of art that have been in business since 1866.  Beware, if you are a cycling enthusiast, you will leave with something (but not regret it).  If you’re in need of a saddle upgrade or are building your perfect single speed, go on in and find out which Brooks saddle is just right for you.  Though you may find them a little spendy, keep in mind – this is the last saddle you’ll ever purchase as they last virtually forever and get more comfortable over the years.

    If you find yourself in the West Wash Park neighborhood and find you’re low on air stop by Cycle Analyst they have free air available out front.

    Cycle Analyst is located at 722 S. Pearl Street between Exposition and Ohio.  They can be reached at 303-722-3004

     Ride On!

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