The park, the people

What a great weekend it was in Denver and a fantastic time to have been at Wash Park taking photos of the gardens.  The time is drawing  near that the flowers will be uprooted for the season and we’ll have those lovely mounds of dirt to admire.  We were not alone this past Sunday in the park, that’s for certain.  We found ourselves snapping pics of each other with Suki around the garden with so many other people on the same mission.  We were asked by a nice young lady if we ‘d like a picture of us together, and we were appreciative of the offer.

  She in turn asked if we would take one of her and her boyfriend and his mom, who was visiting from the St. Louis area.  We obliged of course.  We ended up talking for a half hour or so and come to find they are new to town renting over in the DU area.  We discussed the appeal of the park, the weather, and of course cycling, which to my delight, found out they both ride.  New friends?   I think, yes.  They’ve got my biz card.  I’m sure we’ll to get together for a ride and then a beer. 

 Wash Park…bringing people together.


Kirk Hartshorn   720-244-5454  Ride On!

Perry & Co


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