The draw of the West


Hello and welcome to WWPL – West Wash Park Living.

This blog will focus on the West Wash Park area of Denver, CO and should assist anybody living in, visiting, interested in, passing through, moving to, dreaming of, unaware of, lost in, found in, cycling through, happening upon, wondering about, seeking info about, needing an update on, or any other combination of West Wash Park details needed to fully understand this outstanding Denver neighborhood.

From quaint coffeeshops to one off restaurants, WWP has everything in close proximity to create the perfect neighborhood.  And let us not forget what created our theme, “West Wash Park Living”, our beloved oasis to the east- Washington Park.  With its breathtaking gardens,mutiple lakes, expansive fields, massive trees, friendly visitors, rollerbladers, cyclists, woggers, joggers, strollers, dog walkers, picnicers, volleyball players, frisbee tossers, tennis players, basketball players, nature lovers, yoga practitioners, boot camp partakers, Wash Park will not dissapoint the choosiest of park goers.   

I have lived in the  Wash Park vicinity for a cummulative 10 years.  The last 4 years in WWP.  I will undoubtedly claim that my experience in WWP has been the most fulfilling experience in the Wash Park area.  WWP offers a true sense of neighborhood.  You cannot walk the streets of WWP without having a chance encounter with a fellow WWP’er, out for a stroll through the neighborhood and most likely with their dog leading the way.  My wife and I have made several new friends during one of our evening walks in the neighborhood, dropping by a yard sale or striking up a conversation with a passerby while having a beer or glass of wine on the front porch (better known as our fair weathered living room).

I’ll be updating often on all that makes WWP the neighborhood that we all so enjoy.  So visit often and please let’s hear from you and your experiences in WWP.

Kirk Hartshorn – 720-244-5454   Ride On!

Perry & Co.


3 responses to this post.


    Where is the link if I want to review real estate for sale. Good Pic of you but maybe some more scenery shots would be cool. Take care my old friend


    • Hey Jim. Not set up quite like that at this time, perhaps in the future. This blog is more an informative place to go and share info, stories, experiences, etc in the West Wash Park neighborhood. Great to hear from you and thanks for checking it out.


    • Hey Jim,
      I’ve added a link to search Colorado property listings. It’s under the “Blogroll” as Colorado property search.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      I hope all is well with you.


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